Mil-tek has a wide range of balers available to provide a cost effective solution for a variety waste materials. For further information select one of waste streams below:


Small footprint baler model 102 for cardboard and plastic
Model 102
Bale Weight
Plastic<60 kg
Cardboard<40 kg
Small footprint baler model 205 for cardboard and plastic 
Model 205TS
Bale Weight
Plastic<100 kg
Cardboard<50 kg
Baler model 305 with extra deep chamber for cardboard and plastic sacks
Model 305
Bale Weight
Plastic<180 kg
Cardboard<100 kg
Baler model 306 for larger amounts of cardboard and plastic
Model 306
Bale Weight
Plastic<250 kg
Cardboard<200 kg
Baler model 509HD for large amounts of cardboard and plastic
Model 509HD
Bale Weight
Plastic<400 kg
Cardboard<300 kg


 Mill Size baler for large amounts of cardboard
Model H600
Bale Weight
Plastic<450 kg
Cardboard<500 kg
   Can Crusher model 101 for tins, cans and buckets up to 30 liter



  General waste compactors for general waste and kitchen waste
  Model 101
Tins, Cans & Buckets
up to 30 liter
Model X-Press
- General Waste
- Kitchen Wast
Polystyrene compactor model EPS900 for compacting up to 15 kg polystyrene per hour


  Polystyrene compactor model EPS1800 for compacting up to 70 kg polystyrene per hour
Model EPS900  
<15 kg. pr. time
Model EPS1800
<70 kg. pr. time

Why put valuable recyclable products (plastic, cardboard, paper) into bins /skips or containers when there is a cost saving and environmentally friendly alternative?
Segregate your material for recycling and compact it using a Mil-tek baler.

Baling cardboard as opposed to disposing of it loose, eliminates the need to flat pack boxes and saves valuable staff time. By removing the waste that can be recycled from your general waste stream, you can reduce the amount of bins and/or frequency of lifts required, therefore reducing your waste costs. Mil-tek will then arrange collection of the baled material via a local or national approved recycler.

For further advice and information on recycling and reducing waste costs in your business: email or find your local Mil-tek office here.

All Mil-tek Air Powered Balers & Compactors are equipped with the new world patent ECOdrive low energy system, reducing the balers energy consumption by up to 60%. 


Mil-tek has a wide range of balers that can handle a variety of waste streams and volumes dependent on your needs. If you are unsure of which baler you need please contact Mil-tek for further information and receive a free no obligation site survey, or click on one of the options below:

Small Footprint Balers
Small Volumes of Waste
Medium Volumes of Waste
Large Volumes of Waste
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