X-Press waste press for safe and hygienic compaction of kitchen waste
Can Crusher Model 101 is very safe and easy to use

The Mil-tek X-Press range of compactors offer a hygienic, cost cutting, waste management solution for general / kitchen waste and can offer a compaction ratio of up to 10:1. As with the whole Mil-tek range of balers and compactors, the Xpress series are air powered offering a versatile solution to suit your business. The X-Press Compactor can be sited in the kitchen or food preparation area safely, or alternatively can be sited outside, near to the bin or skip area where the compacted waste can be placed straight into the bins or skips. Waste is compacted into small black bags enabling you to place up to 10 times more waste in any bin or skip therefore reducing the need for multiple bins or collections.
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The air powered Mil-tek Can Crusher can solve the problem of multiple food cans taking up too much space in bins / skips. With a small footprint and 90% compaction, the Mil-tek Can Crusher will crush cans to a disc size where they can be placed in existing bins or skips taking up very little space. Placing whole cans into landfill skips means paying for air to be transported and land filled. Ask for a free site survey and see how much you could be saving...
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Dorset Cereals - Waste Press Model X-Press for Kitchen Waste
Dorset Cereals
Baler Model 306 and Waste Press for Kitchen Waste
Glencrest Soft Drinks - Baler Model 205 for Plastic and Cardboard Glencrest Soft Drinks
Baler Model
205 for Plastic and Cardboard

Loading plastic into a Mil-tek 102 baler
Loading cardboard into a Mil-tek 205 baler 


In areas where kitchen and general waste is produced there will undoubtedly be a large percentage of cardboard and plastic packaging to deal with. Mil-tek offer both a sustainable and cost effective solution, enabling cost reductions of up to 80%. This is achieved by segregating the commercial kitchen and general waste packaging and baling the recyclable materials for local recyclers to remove – Sort, Bale and recycle. As Mil-tek balers are air powered and contain no hazardous hydraulic oils, they can be safely operated in kitchens and food preparation areas enabling further time and space savings by compacting the waste at source, avoiding unnecessary trips to outside bins or skips. 


In most instances, one small to medium size Mil-tek baler will be sufficient to bale both Cardboard and Plastic. Place a small inexpensive Plastic Bag Stand next to the baler and fill with plastic packaging while you bale the cardboard. Once you have filled 5 bags and the cardboard bale has just been removed from the baler, simply add the filled bags to the empty baler and create a bale of plastic. You can then repeat the process thereby using one baler to bale both materials. Mil-tek offer free ongoing training to aide your staff in maximising your recycling potential and reducing waste handling costs to a minimum.


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