About Mil-tek

Mil-tek was founded in 1992 in Denmark. Starting with Ireland, it expanded to an international network of over 50 locations in over 30 countries.

Mil-tek is an ISO14001 and ISO9001 certified manufacturer of balers and compactors

The environment and climate are a big part of Mil-tek’s core values and business concept. Our blue, air-powered waste balers are designed to help businesses of all kinds manage and dispose of their waste in an efficient and environmentally friendly way, enabling companies to contribute to more recycling and CO2 reduction. The baler’s patented ECOdrive system reduces energy consumption by up to 60% and the finished compressed bales can be sent directly for recycling.

Minimize your waste

Waste is an inevitable by-product of business. Moreover, waste handling poses a significant cost to most organizations. How organizations handle their waste dictates this cost and, in turn, the impact the organization has on the environment.

With Mil-tek’s complete product line – consisting of pneumatic, hydraulic and electric machines – you can compress and recycle virtually any material, including cardboard, paper, soft and hard plastics, polystyrene, cans, mixed residual waste and hazardous waste. Compacting your waste will save your business time, space and money!

“Waste is a by-product of any business. But we believe we can minimise the negative impact waste has on both your business and the environment.”

ISO Standards: A promise of quality and environmental care

Mil-tek wants to develop and produce products in accordance with the expectations and requirements of both our customers and the authorities. To meet these requirements, Mil-tek has created a management system that fulfils the requirements of both DNV ISO 9001:2015 and DNV ISO 14001:2015.

Safe machines are a given. So are safe working environments.

For Mil-tek, safety is paramount. Since the first machine saw the light of day in 1992, we have not yet had to utilise our product liability insurance. Mil-tek waste compactors and compactors are simple, easy and safe to operate, with built-in fail-safe mechanisms. They continuously undergo rigorous testing to comply with global safety standards.

Our safety guarantee isn’t just related to our machines. Our solutions are designed to create safe working environments where users of our machines avoid heavy lifting, bales are securely clamped at an optimal working height and machine noise is minimised.

Our Pledge:

  • Mil-tek openly and actively participates in quality and environmental improvements with a holistic approach that accounts for customers, products, employees and the environment.
  • Mil-tek will train its employees to participate actively in quality and environmental work.
  • Mil-tek will work with selected suppliers and customers on improvements to products and processes.
  • Mil-tek will monitor and record product and process control results, processes and product errors, and feedback from employees, customers, and suppliers.
  • Mil-tek will implement ongoing quality and environmental improvements, including cleaner technology and better use of resources and energy wherever possible.
  • Mil-tek pledges to reduce waste and emissions from processes as well as prevent pollution and accidents in these processes and practices
  • Mil-tek will encourage suppliers to deliver quality and environmentally sound raw materials, products and services.
  • Mil-tek will comply with all laws and regulatory requirements, as Mil-tek’s activities are subject to and comply with the requirements of DNV ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015.
  • Mil-tek A/S communicates openly with employees, stakeholders, regulators, customers and the public about the environmental and working conditions associated with the company’s processes and products.

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