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Aluminium cans: why recycle them?

It is more cost-effective to recycle aluminium cans instead of mining and extracting fresh aluminium. Because it retains its quality even after multiple recycling processes, aluminium is an endlessly renewable resource.

A more efficient method of can recycling

If you want to help the environment and save resources, recycling cans is a great first step, but there’s more to it than that. Managing the amount, expense, and logistics of trash disposal is also an important part of effective waste management. Recyclable materials and relatively little air are the by-products of compacting cans, bins, and containers.

Enhanced garbage collection

Using a can crusher made by Mil-tek is one efficient way to recycle cans. A low-energy, low-cost option for trash management, this machine can shrink cans and drums by as much as 90% of their original volume.

Maintaining a spotless and germ-free kitchen

Because of the high amount of cans used in industrial food manufacturing, correct trash disposal is of the utmost importance in these kitchens. Within the food preparation area, you can install a Mil-tek can crusher that can handle drums and cans of any form up to 30 liters in capacity. The disposal is made cleaner and more hygienic in this way.

Used for oil and paint cans as well

Companies dealing with oil or paint cans also have certain requirements when it comes to waste management. When these companies choose Mil-tek as their waste management consultants, they can make sure their employees have the tools they need to correctly compact and store paint and oil cans and drums. Companies can lessen their negative effects on the environment and cut transportation expenses by following these methods.

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