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Boost streamlined operations while cutting down on pollution

It is possible to incur a cost ten times higher than disposal due to wasted time and materials in the absence of efficient lean methodology outside of the manufacturing line.

Lean principles extend beyond the manufacturing process

The assembly lines are quite efficient. Lean methodology is essential for manufacturing organizations to keep up with the fast-paced work environment and operational process.

The real cost of handling packaging can be ten times higher than the cost of disposal since lean methods is frequently overlooked outside of the manufacturing line.

Each and every one of a worker’s precious minutes is important, and efficiency isn’t only about manufacturing or the building itself.

Minimized risk of pollution

Contamination by dust-bound particles is a major concern in busy production facilities.

Open doors, forklift operations, and foot traffic are common entry points for these particles entering the property.

In order to improve staff efficiency and drastically decrease the inherent danger of contamination, food production facilities can implement lean waste handling processes outside of the production line.

Less foot traffic and closed doors are results of lean waste management.

Keep rip-and-tip regions free of dust

Dust accumulation from product bag handling is an issue for many enterprises in production locations.

A dust extraction collar that can be mounted directly on a baler has been created by Mil-tek as part of their comprehensive Lean waste management system. This collar solves the situation at hand.

For further information, see Dust Extraction.


Adaptable to any form or size

The capacity to scale is crucial for effective handling. As companies expand, the solutions that work for smaller production facilities, food processing plants, and warehouses need to be adjusted to accommodate larger production facilities, depots, and everything in between.

Any amount or kind of waste can be handled with the help of Mil-tek’s scalable waste management solutions, which aim to reduce trash production in the first place.

Familiarize yourself with Lean waste management.

Watch: LEANCompacting in the food industry

Producers of food encounter a number of obstacles both within and beyond the producing region, as shown in this animation.

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