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Educational institutions’ waste and recycling programs

Education facilities require smart waste handling and waste management solutions to cope with the constant and varied sources of waste.

Reducing waste at educational institutions

There are unique waste management needs for educational institutions like schools and universities due to the large amounts of cardboard, and plastic packaging, as well as the general waste from on-site food production and consumption.

Space constraints, trash storage, operating needs, safety concerns, environmental regulations, and hygiene standards are all addressed by Mil-tek’s Infinity waste sorting system. You may easily and safely sort and reduce your daily waste with our solutions, which will save you a ton of space and time and help your institution save money on waste management.

Mastering the art of security

The waste management process at educational institutions involves a wide variety of workers, all of whom contribute to the overall management of paper, cardboard, plastic, general, and food waste.Safety is more of a philosophy than a policy here at Mil-tek. It’s built into our product.

Nearly anyone can operate a mil-tek waste and recycling baler or compactor because to their user-friendly design, straightforward operation, and built-in safety features. Training is conducted by our qualified engineers to ensure that personnel can run the baler or crusher and then instruct their coworkers to do the same.

Reduce your school’s carbon footprint as well

Cutting down on waste isn’t a quick fix.

The environmental advantage is inherent in every aspect of a baler or compactor system from Mil-tek:

  • maximization of recyclables
  • minimization of energy and transportation costs
  • diminution of the institution’s total carbon footprint

Due to the diversity, amount, and expense of waste management, an efficient waste management solution is essential in all educational institutions, from day-cares to universities.

An improved setting for faculty and students to work in
Lower trash prices while increasing recycling rates
Using pneumatics to handle garbage without oil

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