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Dispose of general waste in an efficient manner

A safe and sanitary solution is required by businesses that consistently produce mixed garbage, including food scraps, non-recyclable packaging, and odorous trash.

Minimize black bag waste

The space requirements and disposal costs of general/mixed trash are the highest of any waste kind.

How companies handle their general garbage reflects the level of cleanliness, hygiene, fiscal responsibility, and environmental consciousness that they inculcate in their employees.

Methods for managing various types of waste

A compactor or waste press is the most effective tool for reducing overall garbage production.

Compressing the loose garbage into thicker, heavier bags is made possible by the technology of pneumatically powered waste compactors, which exert continual pressure.

Keeping track of food scraps

Maintaining order and efficiency in commercial kitchens’ trash management systems is no easy feat.

Installing a stainless steel, oil-free Mil-tek trash compactor straight into a kitchen makes garbage compaction easy, safe, and hygienic.

Transporting garbage that has been compressed

The size is reduced by a factor of ten when mixed waste is compacted in a Mil-tek commercial waste compactor. When moving compacted trash, a Mil-tek Lift Trolley is a great helper.

By utilizing a stainless steel Lift Trolley, you can effortlessly transport big bags to your designated garbage place without lifting a finger. Just slide the bag onto the lifting plate, roll it over, and push it off.

Offshore waste management

Offshore, where sanitation and limited space are paramount, mil-tek trash compactors are the way to go.

Stainless steel, sliding wagons, and fixed frame units are all options for the Mil-tek commercial waste compactor, making it perfect for use in offshore settings, on uneven ground, or during shipping.

Waste management that is easy for users

While developing our waste presses, we prioritized ease of use, security, and straightforwardness.

Every industry, company, and type of garbage is unique, which is why we customize our solutions to meet those needs.

You can guarantee more positive effort from employees by equipping them with the resources they need to handle waste properly.

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