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Dealing with food manufacturing waste

Efficient and sanitary waste management is of the utmost importance for businesses involved in food production, including food wholesalers, dairy producers, producers of frozen foods, processors of meat, and so on.

Produced by various food processing industries

A large portion of the world’s garbage comes from the food processing industry. Both operational and economic efficiency can be achieved through effective waste management, which is also a critical issue for the environment.

Several points in the food production process generate waste

Food scraps and other organic materials that aren’t utilized in the final product are common components of general mixed garbage. Because cardboard and plastic are widely used in the industry for packaging, packaging trash also makes up a significant portion of the waste stream. Despite their importance in product preservation and transportation, improper disposal of these materials results in expensive disposal costs and environmental contamination.

Pneumatic balers that do not use oil in the food industry

One way to efficiently manage waste as soon as it is generated is to integrate balers and compactors at the end of the manufacturing line for packaging goods. Because they don’t contain any oil, Mil-tek pneumatic balers are perfect for businesses that deal with food processing and must avoid cross-contamination. You may reduce the volume of cardboard and plastic packaging waste by 90% by installing these balers on an existing airplane.

  • 90 % Volume Reduction
  • Reduce Internal Logistics
  • Minimize Handling Cost
  • Increased Hygiene & Sanitation

Efficient and clean waste management

Waste management in food manufacturing facilities is very specialized, as these facilities have unique needs in terms of sanitation, hygiene, and cost reduction during disposal. Instead of being seen as an afterthought, the food manufacturing industries should incorporate waste handling and recycling solutions into their production processes.

Food production

Use a compactor to compress common mixed garbage at a ratio of 10:1

Facilities like food processing plants are ideal for the mixed-waste compactors manufactured by Mil-tek. Their compact size makes them ideal for placement at common trash points, where they can facilitate efficient waste management. You may reduce the amount of your garbage by 90% using the Mil-tek General garbage Compactor Model XP200s (Stainless Steel). You can decrease the number of Skips by a minimum of 3:1 and a maximum of 10:1.

XP200s Steps

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