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Reusing Mineral Wool, Glass Wool, and Rockwool

Keeping heat in Despite being one of the most recyclable commodities, the vast majority of wool is still sent to the dump. An alternative to dumping insulation into landfills, this one turns it into a marketable and reusable good.

Minimization of insulating volume

Powerfully shredding and compacting mineral wool and stone wool, two materials frequently utilized for building and residential insulation, is the Mil-tek IC60 insulation compactor. Insulation can be easily stored, transported, and—most importantly—recycled after being compressed in this way, which reduces its bulk by more than 90%.

Types of insulation: mineral wool, glass wool, and rockwool

A lot of mineral wool, glass wool, and fiberglass ends up in landfills because of the construction and building industries. Nevertheless, you can recycle these items in their whole. Recycling old insulation with the help of the IC60 insulation compactor can save landfill space and bring in some extra cash for your business.

Insulation that is completely recyclable

You can use the IC60 to compact mineral wool, which includes rock wool, stone wool, glass wool, and fiberglass. Compressing individual types of insulation, rather than combining them, will maximize their value and make them more recyclable. Commodity income is created through the recycling of insulation wool, which encourages the circular economy.

Embracing insulation as part of a sustainable economy

When it comes to insulation recycling, the IC60 insulation compactor from Mil-tek is an integral part of the circular economy. Companies may recycle insulation and lessen their influence on the environment with this machine.

Video – how it works

The IC60 in action at a recycling facility in Vejle, Denmark

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