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Plastic strapping: handling, recycling, and disposal

One of the most inconvenient forms of trash is plastic strapping. It’s dangerous, rowdy, and takes up a standard trash can in no time.

Minimize strapping in a baler and store it in a plastic bag stand

Although plastic strapping is an essential packaging and transportation material, it eventually decomposes into an unmanageable trash that floats to the top of your trash cans, posing a greater threat of accidents.

You can control the waste of plastic strapping with this easy Mil-tek solution. You can limit the volume of plastic strapping by collecting it and storing it in a Mil-tek baler. Plastic bag stands should be strategically distributed throughout your facilities for this purpose.

Issues with excessive strapping

Using plastic strapping for packaging increases the likelihood that a facility may experience the following problems:

  • Bins need to be changed frequently because the material fills them quite fast
  • Having vehicles or equipment involved in situations involving uncontrolled material
  • Methods for the correct disposal of strapping scraps

Keep, Reduce, and Recycle

Use a sturdy plastic bag to keep the straps in one place. Put the bag in a waste baler like the Mil-tek A305 when you’re ready to empty it; it may compress the material with a volume reduction of up to 90%.

To recycle the plastic strapping, it can be “washed” to eliminate minor contaminants and then shipped to a factory that shreds it. The plastic can subsequently be recycled or used to make new plastic goods after this procedure.

Reusing Plastic Strapping: an Eco-Friendly Initiative

Plastic trash has the potential to remain in landfills for a very long time. Therefore, like all other plastic materials, plastic strapping may be recycled into new plastic items.

By reducing the need for fossil fuels to generate new plastic, your organization is making a sustainable effort through recycling plastic strapping, provided that the material is disposed of responsibly.

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