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An environmentally friendly and effective method for removing EPS cladding

Companies require a quick and cheap method to remove cladding from high-rise structures since there is an immediate need to improve cladding safety.

Cladding using EPS6

There is a clear and present danger to the public’s safety due to the widespread use of EPS in the cladding of high-rise buildings.

The disposal of the current cladding is an intricate task that has monetary and ecological consequences.

Disposal and removal difficulties

Several skips to be removed from the site, which means more traffic, higher CO2 emissions, and the possibility of accidents in densely populated areas nearby.

Light EPS has the added risk of being blown around, which could lead to pollution, mess, and hazards.

Creating value from rubbish

To make clean EPS6, you can use a hot wire foam cutter to carefully remove the render off the cladding panels.

One useful and recyclable product made from this EPS material is briquette blocks, which are crushed and melted.

Take care of debris when building

The ability to move freely is essential on modern building sites. Mil-tek has created a transportable baling solution that may be used at different locations.

This device, which operates on regular 220V power, helps construction firms efficiently manage garbage from buildings both while work is underway and afterward.

Watch: EPS Cladding removal

This animation shows how to implement a green and efficient way to handle EPS/Cladding removal from apartments and buildings.

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