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Alternatives to glass crushing and recycling

Businesses in the hospitality and food service industries often face the difficulty of managing huge quantities of disposable glassware. Crushing the glass on-site allows for efficient recycling and space-saving storage.

Machines used to break glass

The Mil-tek Glass Crusher is an effective tool for glass recycling. The volume of glass bottles is reduced by more than 90% using this equipment, which makes storage easier and minimizes the number of collections by recyclers.

Dealing with substantial amounts of glass

Inefficient storage and disposal of the many glass bottles used every day for different drinks is a common problem in busy restaurants and bars. Storage of glass bottles necessitates a large amount of space, either in the rear room or outside in containers, and the handling of these bottles is both noisy and causes a lot of traffic due to pickups.

Shattering glass

The pharmaceutical industry also makes use of glass crushers, namely those designed to break the glass ampoules used to administer vaccines. Not only does this reduce trash, but it also makes piracy impossible. When it comes to empty glass ampoules, many immunization centers now use glass crushers.

Video of a glass crusher

At a COVID-19 immunization clinic, the Mil-tek Glass crusher breaks down glass ampoules to stop their refiling and subsequent sale on the black market.

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