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Management of retail waste

The transportation of goods from warehouses to stores generates a constant and diverse stream of packaging waste, which retailers must manage.

Knowledge of stock

There is a lot of packaging trash that the retail industry deals with throughout the supply and distribution processes.

Soft plastic, cardboard, and expanded polystyrene are examples of packing materials that generate trash during the transportation of products.

A Mil-tek system can be customized to meet your requirements regardless of the location or material.

Astute about security

Reliability and user safety are paramount while designing and manufacturing recycling balers and garbage compactors by Mil-tek.

A wide variety of workers from distribution, logistics, and retail are responsible for garbage handling when products are moved between the several sites.

Training films, user guides, and SOPs are all part of Mil-tek’s extensive training resources, which complement on-site instruction. This ensures that all employees have access to training that is both thorough and easy to understand.

Individualized approaches

Retail waste management systems from Mil-tek help businesses of all sizes—from mom-and-pop shops to massive distribution centers—optimize workflow by detecting problems with handling, adopting better solutions, and reducing waste.

You can save time and improve efficiency by strategically installing one of Mil-tek’s small-footprint baler machines.

Also, businesses can make money by selling baled plastic and cardboard scraps.

Retailers' solutions spanning all sizes
Turn baled packaging trash into cash.
Position within the designated area for unpacking

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