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Cardboard Balers

Find the right cardboard baler for your business, regardless
of company size, type and waste streams.

Make recycle-ready bales – and reduce waste management costs,
number of containers and time wasted on waste!
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Cardboard balers powered by compressed air

Our range of pneumatic cardboard balers can be plugged directly into an existing airline, or alternatively to a compressor. Depending on machine size, they can handle small to medium-sized amounts of cardboard waste – compacted up to 90%.

These vertical balers need no additional energy to keep a steady pressure on the cardboard waste because of the innovative EcoDrive valves. Additionally, because pneumatic technology eliminates the need for hydraulic oil in the machinery, there is no chance of contamination or oil spills.

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Electric cardboard balers

Our electrical cardboard balers have a high pressing force and a very low height.

The electrical series doesn’t require hydraulic oil, much as the pneumatic balers. To obtain the optimum compaction, a “stay and hold” feature makes sure the material stays under pressure.

Perfect equipment for any company that generates a lot of cardboard waste and wants to turn waste into revenue.

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Hydraulic cardboard balers

A hydraulic solution can be the best option if you’re looking for a very powerful cardboard baler. We provide both horizontal and vertical hydraulic balers.

These powerful machines are capable of handling large cardboard streams, and some of them produce mill-sized compressed cardboard bales, that can be sent directly for recycling.

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When it comes to cardboard balers and recycling, Mil-Tek sets the standard

There are several reasons why Mil-tek is a prominent player in the cardboard baler industry. To start with, we provide premium and cutting-edge balers that are made to compress waste materials like cardboard and plastic effectively, minimising their bulk and enhancing storage and transportation. Balers manufactured by Mil-tek are a popular option for companies of all kinds due to its long lifespan, dependability, and easy operation.

Another significant feature of our company is our dedication to sustainability. Our balers encourage recycling and waste reduction, which is in line with the expanding environmental concerns of businesses across the globe. In the cardboard baler industry, Mil-tek has become a reputable leader thanks to our well-proven technology, Lean waste handling methodology, and commitment to sustainability.

Let’s learn a little more about cardboard balers and their function…

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What is a cardboard baler?

Your cardboard and plastic waste can be reduced significantly in volume with the use of a cardboard baler machine. By placing the baler machine where your waste is produced, workflows are optimised because you don’t have to carry your cardboard elsewhere many times a day.

What is the mechanism of a cardboard baler? The cardboard baler presses the cardboard for you, saving you the trouble of manually flattening cardboard boxes. Because of this, you may also hear the machine referred to as a cardboard compactor or baling press machine.

What is a cardboard baler

Benefits of utilising a baler to reduce cardboard volume

Does cardboard also fill up your outdoor container too quickly? If so, you will most likely also have to pay for frequent container collections. But because the cardboard is not adequately compacted, the containers are frequently “filled” with a lot of air.

Benefits og using a cardboard baler:

  • If the cardboard compactor is positioned where the cardboard waste is produced, you can fill the cardboard straight into the baler, which will save you a tonne of time on waste management.
  • Cardboard boxes are placed in the cardboard baler as they are, saving you the trouble of folding them by hand.
  • It is no longer necessary to frequently transport cardboard outside in a container.
  • The cardboard bales become a sellable commodity – stop paying to have air collected!

Using a cardboard baler

When using a cardboard baler, all you have to do is insert cardboard waste into the baler and pull the “press handle.” Simple and intuitive to handle, a cardboard baler from Mil-tek includes animated user manuals so that even inexperienced employees can pick up the basics of using it fast.

With regards to emptying the baler, you manually attach the cardboard baler strapping and bale out of the cardboard baler after the chamber is filled.

What is the weight of a bale of cardboard?

That is dependent upon how big the cardboard baler is. In case you have small amounts of cardboard waste, a tiny cardboard baler such as the A102 can meet your requirements. For larger manufacturers that generate a lot of packaging waste, a large cardboard baler is required. This could be an industrial cardboard baler such as the A509.

Of course, the bale’s weight increases with baler size. Our balers make bales from 40 – 500 kg.

What does a cardboard baler cost?

Naturally, the cost of a cardboard baler varies depending on the manufacturer and the type of cardboard baler you choose – both with regards to size and power source.

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