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Book a Site Survey of your organisation’s overall waste management and learn where to optimise, in order to save money, time and space.

Review of your organisation’s waste management

At Mil-tek, we view waste management as more than just handling waste… We offer a complimentary review of your business that includes a comprehensive analysis of your existing waste management process.

During this review, we pinpoint the ‘red flags’ and pinpoint areas where you can make improvements to realize substantial savings in time, money, and space.

After completing the analysis, we provide you with an in-depth report that outlines your challenges and offers a summary of potential areas and methods for optimization.

Waste optimisation with the environment and economy in mind

Mil-tek’s site survey and waste audit aim to transform your workspace.

We examine the evident aspects like the volume of waste and budgetary allocations, but we also focus on elements often ignored by other providers.

Our comprehensive approach to waste management guarantees that Mil-tek produces outcomes that will advantage your business, your employees, and your customers.

A waste survey can result in substantial savings

Conducting a waste survey can lead to significant cost reductions.

This efficient survey process takes approximately 30 minutes and involves a thorough examination of your current waste management practices. Despite its brevity, the survey is designed to identify key areas where costs can be minimized—often revealing potential savings that may have been overlooked. By pinpointing these opportunities, a Mil-tek Site Survey provides valuable insights that help businesses optimize their operations and reduce unnecessary expenditures.

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