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Balers for plastic waste handling & recycling

Browse the range of Mil-tek vertical balers for plastic compaction and recycling.

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Top quality plastic balers

We offer a wide range of plastic balers, making us a top choice in the industry. Our product lineup is designed to efficiently handle plastic waste, helping businesses optimize storage space and minimize environmental impact. Mil-tek’s plastic balers are known for their durability, performance, and versatility, accommodating various types and sizes of plastic materials. Despite their advanced features, our plastic balers are user-friendly for all types of employees and, above all, safe.

Mil-tek’s commitment to sustainability is evident in our plastic balers as they promote increased recycling and contribute to the circular economy.

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Pneumatic plastic balers

Plastic waste often contains a lot of air and tends to revert to its original shape unless it is kept under continuous pressure.

Mil-tek’s patented pneumatic EcoDrive technology in our plastic balers ensures constant pressure on the waste without consuming additional energy, effectively mitigating this memory effect. Furthermore, our pneumatic plastic compactors are oil-free, operate quickly, and have a compact footprint, making them an ideal solution for efficiently managing plastic waste.


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Electric plastic balers

Electric plastic balers provide numerous advantages for businesses managing plastic waste. Due to their typically lower height, they are ideal for companies with restricted ceiling space. These balers can seamlessly integrate into existing waste management systems and fit in compact areas.

Electric balers often include safety features like emergency stop buttons and safety guards, enhancing operational safety by minimizing accident risks. Overall, electric plastic balers offer increased efficiency, convenience, space optimization, improved safety, and environmental benefits.


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Hydraulic plastic balers

Hydraulic baling machines provide numerous significant benefits. A primary advantage is their powerful compression force, enabling efficient and compact baling of plastic. This results in dense, uniform bales that are easy to handle, store, and transport.

Renowned for their durability and capacity for continuous heavy-duty operation, hydraulic balers are ideal for businesses that generate large volumes of plastic waste.

Overall, the benefits of hydraulic baling machines encompass high compression force, robustness, versatility, automation, significant waste volume reduction, and enhanced environmental sustainability.


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