A102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

A102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

Streamlined pneumatic technology with minimal physical presence. Enhanced in every way: speed, power, and efficiency.

  • Bale 40 kg cardboard & 100kg plastic 
  • Double-acting cylinder with ECODrive
  • Floorspace footprint of 0.45m² 
  • Worlds’ fastest pressing cycle 
  • Optimal working height 
  • EN16500 as standard
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Simply the fastest, small footprint pneumatic baler. The A102 is ideal for both cardboard and plastic, operating quietly and efficiently. 

pneumatic-air-power-badge cardboard-badge plastic-badge

A102 Baler

Among Mil-tek’s pneumatic machines, the A102 represents the third iteration. It has state-of-the-art pneumatic technology, which presses and releases the pressing plate by means of pressurised air passing through the cylinder. The machine’s pressing force is increased and power consumption is decreased by the recycling of compressed air.

Another perk of a double-working cylinder is that it increases the pressing cycle by doing away with the requirement for return springs. During the down cycle and release, the pressing plate receives power efficiently from the patented ECODrive technology.

Worlds’ fastest baler

On top of being our fastest baler, the A102 has a range of other smart features, including a bale-out indicator, an in-built banding cutter and a stroke counter, for easy maintenance.  

A floorspace footprint of just 0,45 m2 means that A102 can seamlessly slot into any working environment, from a cramped storeroom to a large industrial facility. Patented ECODrive technology efficiently distributes power to the pressing plate both on the down cycle and on release.

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Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Cardboard bale

Plastic bale

Pressing cycle

< 40 kg

< 100 kg

6-10 sec.

Bale Size


710-830 mm


655 mm


450 mm


13mm (#999011)

Door Opening


505 mm


655 mm


415 mm

Machine Size


2295 mm


832 mm


541 mm


255 kg


Noise Level

< 70 dB (A)


Pressing force at 8 bars

2500 kg



CE, EN16500, UKCA

A102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

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Problems with dust build-up?

This baler is available with dust extraction!


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