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Recycling options for cardboard

Acquire additional knowledge regarding cardboard as a substance and the proper ways to discard and recycle cardboard scraps.

Cut down on cardboard waste

Cut down on cardboard waste by using Mil-tek’s effective machinery. Our selection of new and used machines can efficiently compress cardboard, preparing it for recycling in a way that is both manageable and lucrative. We can tailor a solution to your specific business, location, and operational requirements, regardless of the scale of your company.

Cardboard: A multipurpose and eco-friendly material

Boxes and other packaging materials are commonly made from cardboard, a sturdy and long-lasting paper-based material. The two main varieties of cardboard are paperboard/chipboard and corrugated. Shipping and delivery are perfect for corrugated cardboard’s wavy inner layer, while cereal and shoe boxes often use paperboard or chipboard, which are composed of a single layer. As long as they are dry and free of contaminants, both varieties made from tree fibers are recyclable.

Efficiently handling business cardboard waste

Businesses may find cardboard to be a logistical burden, despite its usefulness and versatility. Proper transportation, disposal, and storage are necessary due to the continuous influx of cardboard waste. Businesses should think about long-term solutions, including recycling, to control cardboard waste in order to reduce expenses and environmental impact.

Cardboard recycling: Why it’s beneficial

The long paper fibers produced by corrugated cardboard’s thickness and endurance contribute to its high recycling rate. You can make new boxes and packaging out of recycled cardboard, and it keeps its strength even after being recycled several times. Recycling cardboard helps companies cut down on annual tree cutting and trash transported to landfills.

Furthermore, by selling recycled cardboard to waste collection firms, it is possible to gain income.

Cardboard recycling made easy with Mil-tek

If your business generates any amount or kind of cardboard trash, Mil-tek can assist you in determining the most effective means of recycling and reducing that waste. You may do your part to help the environment by installing a Mil-tek cardboard baler at your business to sort cardboard for recycling.

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