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Containers for recycled materials

Effective compaction solutions are necessary for the management of big volume containers used in manufacturing at facilities that use steel and plastic drums.

Drums may be compacted easily

Is there a method to make empty industrial barrels smaller? The solution is a hydraulic Drum Press like the Mil-tek DP250. The drum press reduces the size of drums, making them more stackable, storeable, and recyclable. Drum compression efficiency can reach 90% with this apparatus. Safe and clean operation is guaranteed by the DP250’s tiny footprint and spray guard feature.

Unfilled drums are only taking up room

Food processing, manufacturing, and pharmaceutical facilities are just a few of the many industries that make extensive use of industrial barrels. Having said that, the drums are useless and bulky after they’re empty. Drum presses like the DP250 can compact them, making them easier to recycle and reducing their storage space requirements.

And as for the plastic barrels

The DP250 can compress steel and plastic drums to a size that is far more manageable, preparing them for recycling.

As a conclusion, the Mil-tek DP250 and similar hydraulic drum presses are a practical and efficient way to handle empty industrial drums. Drums are 90% smaller, which makes them more stackable, storable, and recyclable. Operating it is safe, easy, and hygienic because of its compact footprint, spray guard, and drainage system.

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