DP250 Drum Press

DP250 Drum Press

With 25 tonnes of pressing energy, the DP250 Drum Press compacts steel barrels and drums in under a minute. It takes up only 1 square metre of space, yet it reduces the volume of drums and barrels by approximately 10%.

  • 25 ton pressing force
  • 85% rate of compaction
  • 1m² floor space footprint
  • 32 seconds pressing cycle
  • Quiet two-stage hydraulics
  • Electrical overload protection
  • Run-off drain for excess fluid

The 250 Drum Press can compress containers, steel barrels, and plastic drums with a capacity of up to 200 litres.

The compaction and disposal of these containers are made easier with an automated stop function and quiet, 2-stage hydraulics on a Drum Press 250, which reduces the area needed for waste storage.

The DP250 may be used in a clean and sanitary setting without compromising safety thanks to its tiny floorspace footprint and spray protection.


With the user’s comfort and security in mind, the designers created the DP250 hydraulic drum press. Users may securely operate the press thanks to its modest footprint of little over 1m² and surrounding spray guard with a big viewing window.

Due to its compact design, the Drum Press can be easily put in areas that frequently utilise drums. The result is a seamless system for managing waste from inception to compaction.

The drum press has a chromed piston that compresses drums with 25 tonnes of pressing force, and three venting spikes on top that poke holes in the drum as the pressing cycle progresses. Because the complete pressing cycle takes only 32 seconds, barrels and drums can be filled and compressed at a constant and regular rate.

Drums that have been compressed are 10 times smaller than their original size, making them super easy to store and stack. The 2-stage hydraulics are energy-efficient, silent, and stop automatically when the cycle ends.

A state-of-the-art control system, chromed pistons for electrical and hydraulic overload protection, and a user-friendly design all contribute to the DP250’s reputation for reliability and durability.

You may connect the DP250 Drum Press to a disposal system so that any extra fluid can run off safely. It also has a collection drain.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction


Drum capacity


Power supply

Up to 200 L

25 Tons

3 x 400v 16A

Door Opening


950 mm


680 mm


800 mm

Machine Size


2920 mm


1200 mm


850 mm


750 Kg

Transport height

2400 mm

Pressing cycle


32 sec

DP250 Drumm press

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