XP100s Mixed Waste Compactor

XP100s Mixed Waste Compactor

Stainless steel garbage compactors like the new Mil-tek XP100S are perfect for tidier, more condensed spaces like kitchens. The longer cylinder compacts more material while taking up less room on the floor.

  • Elongated cylinder
  • Oil-free and hygienic
  • Stainless steel frame
  • Micro footprint (52 cm²)
  • Densely compacted waste
  • Suitable for kitchens & food preparation areas

An affordable and sanitary option for high-traffic kitchens is the X100S Waste Compactor. The XP100S Waste Compactor is air-powered and constructed of stainless steel, so it can be filled with full garbage bags without contaminating them with oil or rust. The drum design keeps any fluids or odours contained, ensuring a high level of cleanliness and hygiene.


A versatile and space-saving garbage compactor, the Mil-tek X-Press 100 Stainless Steel garbage Compactor is ideal for use in commercial and institutional settings such as offices, cafes, hospitals, food preparation facilities, and industrial kitchens.

The standard garbage compactor is versatile and compact enough to be placed indoors, making it ideal for use in sanitary workplaces. It doesn’t include any oil or other impurities.

Installed indoors, within the working environment, the XP100S Stainless Steel Waste Compactor’s small footprint of 52cm² ensures a streamlined waste disposal process and reduces transportation time.

Create tightly packed bags of trash up to 50 kg in weight with each cycle of the XP100S Steel Waste Compactor’s elongated cylinder compacting trash more densely.

Because the longer cylinder uses less power with each downward stroke, the machine can operate on as little as 2 bars of pressure. A Mil-tek Lift Trolley is an easy and efficient way to transfer compacted waste from an XP100S.

Instead of manually removing the garbage bags from the waggon, a lift trolley can be used to transfer them to the lifting plate, which is then winched up and shoved into the bins.

Technical specifications

Degree of Compression

< 90%


Noise level

1500 kg at 5 bar

< 70 db (A)

Machine size


1970 mm


670 mm


704 mm


120 kg

Bag Dimensions


600 mm


450 mm


< 50 kg



CE, AS/NZ 4024.1 & UKCA

XP100S Waste Compactor

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