XP300 Mixed Waste Compactor

XP300 Mixed Waste Compactor

Indoor, tight spaces are perfect for the rugged, long-lasting Mil-tek X-Press compactors, which can compress general black bag waste by a ratio of up to 10:1, including food, fluids, and hazardous materials.

  • Improves security and safety
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • Air-powered, clean and hygienic
  • Fixed frame unit & sliding wagon
  • Suitable for kitchens & offshore environments
  • Compact general, kitchen and hazardous waste

Cleanliness and personal space are strictly enforced on offshore rigs and ships. By reducing the volume of garbage by as much as 90%, the Mil-tek X-Press Compactor helps keep landfills at bay. Because of their floor-mount design, X-Press Compactor model 300 are perfect for use on rough terrain or in offshore settings.


The Mil-tek X-Press 300 is an adaptable trash compactor that works well in many different settings, such as commercial kitchens, hospitals, offices, and other such places.

X-Press 300 waste compactors are great for optimising your waste area; they create more room, less clutter, improved cleanliness, and eliminate the problem of overflowing bins by compacting your general, food, and hazardous garbage.

The X-Press 300 is perfect for rough terrain, offshore locations, or shipping because of its fixed frame unit and sliding waggon, which allow it to be fastened in place.

Compressed air can be supplied by Mil-tek or drawn directly from an existing air line to power the X-Press 300 compactor. Due to the absence of electrical and hydraulic components, the Mil-tek X-Press 300 poses no risk of fire and may be used without worry about oil contamination.

Technical specifications

Degree of Compression

< 90%


Noise level

1500 kg at 5 bar

< 70 db (A)

Machine size


1850 mm


670 mm


1155 mm


107 kg

Bag Dimensions






< 50 kg




XP300 Waste Compactor

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