GC100T Glass Crusher

GC100T Glass Crusher

Any contemporary restaurant, hotel, or bar would benefit from the GC100T Glass Crusher. The GC100T is an expanded variant of the GC100 that features a 120-liter bin as its storage solution.

  • Auto-start
  • Volume reduction of 80%
  • Crushes bottles up to 1 L
  • Crushes 100 bottles in 2 minutes
  • Creates 100% recyclable crushed glass

An efficient glass crusher like the GC100T is a must-have for busy bars that use a lot of bottles. Its compact 1.7-meter height makes it ideal for placement in a storage room or behind a bar.

With little noise interference, the GC100T can crush 100 bottles in about 2 minutes.


The glass is broken as it is fed into an aperture and then collected in a wheel bin below.Cullet, the result of crushing 100 bottles in about 2 minutes, is 80% less volume and is suitable for recycling.

The GC100T Glass Crusher is suitable for installation in storage rooms, garbage areas or even the bar area itself due to its height, which is less than 1.7m.

Crushing the class before collection not only saves a lot of space, but also gets rid of the loud noise pollution that comes from tipping glass bottles into the collection vehicle.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction




120L bin


Machine Size


1685 mm


600 mm


590 mm


180 kg


Noise level

68 dB(A)



ISO9001, CAUK & CE

GC100t Glass Crusher

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