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Pet food manufacturer ensures top hygiene in production, focusing on cleanliness and efficient recycling

Invested in Mil-tek baler for hygiene compliance

In order to comply with food manufacturing regulations regarding hygiene, The Real Petfood Company made an investment in a pneumatic Mil-tek baler. The baler is ideal for areas where there is a risk of cross contamination because it is air driven and oil free.

Real Petfood Company - Hygienic waste management required

Upholding premium quality with stringent hygiene practices

In the quest for quality and safety, The Real Pet Food Company in UK mirrors the stringent hygiene practices mandated in human food production.

Producing premium pet food requires not just the finest ingredients but also a commitment to preventing contamination through rigorous cleaning and sanitization of both equipment and waste management areas.

This meticulous approach ensures the elimination of bacteria and other harmful pathogens, safeguarding the high quality of their pet food products.

Innovative solutions for waste management

Recognizing the need for effective and hygienic waste disposal solutions, The Real Pet Food Company partnered with Mil-tek to install a pneumatic baler, specifically designed for the hygienic disposal of cardboard and plastic waste.

Positioned strategically close to the production line, the baler’s compact design allows for immediate waste disposal by staff, eliminating the need to transport waste across the facility. This keeps doors closed and reduces the traffic of dirty shoes in and out of production.

The air-powered, oil-free baler addresses potential hygiene and cross-contamination concerns, making it an ideal choice for the company’s needs.

Positive outcomes and future plans

The introduction of the Mil-tek baler has significantly optimized waste management practices.

The result is fewer trips to waste bins, reduced time doors remain open, and an overall increase in cleanliness and hygiene. These improvements have had a tangible impact on the company’s ability to produce high-quality pet food.

Encouraged by the initial success, the company’s Engineering Manager expressed satisfaction and the intention to expand the use of balers in production.

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