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Truelove Properties installs a baler to remove waste from construction sites and cut down on skips by 75% for more sustainable building

75 % fewer skips due to baler

One of Truelove Properties’ building sites was free of cardboard and plastic within the first week of a Mil-tek baler being installed. Furthermore, with the help of the baler, the company was able to reduce the number of skips by 75%!


Truelove Properties tackles construction waste challenge

In UK, the family-operated construction company, Truelove Properties, grapples with the significant environmental challenge of managing vast amounts of cardboard and plastic waste generated on their construction sites.

This problem is especially pronounced during the final stages of their projects, where the unpacking of materials like plumbing supplies, electrical fixtures, and flooring leads to substantial packaging waste.

Waste segregation: A crucial step for recycling

The critical challenge in waste management for Truelove Properties is the separation of cardboard and plastic from other construction debris. This segregation is essential to ensure the materials are ready for recycling, highlighting the importance of effective waste management practices in construction.

To address this issue, Truelove Properties invested in a Mil-tek baler, set up with a construction cage and a compressor. This strategic move proved to be a game-changer, effectively clearing the site of cardboard and plastic waste within the first week of installation.

The use of the baler not only simplifies the segregation of recyclable materials but also significantly reduces the space required to store waste – a major advantage in urban construction environments where space is limited. The efficiency of the baler resulted in a 75% reduction in the need for waste containers on site.

Future plans: A commitment to sustainable practices

Encouraged by the success of the baler, Paul Truelove, co-owner of Truelove Properties, announced the company’s plans to incorporate a recycling and baling area into all future construction sites. This initiative is expected to lead to substantial cost and efficiency savings, affirming the company’s commitment to sustainable construction practices.

Additionally, the densified waste bales qualify the company for free cardboard collection and discounted rates for the collection of baled plastic, showcasing the financial and environmental benefits of their innovative approach to waste management.

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