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Free Baler Trial

Discover the benefits of a baler trial! Ideal for businesses looking to improve recycling efficiency. Sign up today to see the difference firsthand.

Test a baler for free – perfect for selecting the right solution!

Mil-tek offers the chance to trial a baler prior to purchase/rent.

Installing a baler in your own space and testing it under daily operational conditions can greatly assist in determining if investing in one is the right move for your needs.

Free Baler Trial – What’s the process?

Once it’s agreed that the baler or compactor presents a clear cost-saving opportunity, Mil-tek will handle the delivery, installation, and training for all necessary personnel.

The trial period will provides ample time to implement any needed adjustments and see the benefits. Following this period, a review meeting is scheduled to confirm that everything is functioning correctly, so you’ll be able to decide whether the solution is right for your business or we need to make adjustments.

Benefits of a Free Trial can include:

Waste Cost Savings: lower total costs compared to the current option, which is typically less expensive dumpsters and skips or other machinery.

Efficiency: By adopting a lean waste handling methodology, many of our large-scale customers can save a significant amount of money by lowering the number of man-hours required to transport or handle recycling materials. Mil-tek is an expert in Lean and can save a significant amount of money for clients who prioritise continual improvement.

Better recycling: Complying with regulations or company goals to guarantee that the appropriate materials are separated and recycled. Baling is an excellent technique to increase recycling rates since it keeps cardboard and plastic out of general waste bins and dumpsters.

*Should the trial not deliver the benefits expected, then Mil-tek will simply collect the machinery again.*

Choosing to Keep the Baler

Mil-tek provides various financing options to accommodate your financial needs, should you choose to keep the baler.

Many of our customers opt for an all-inclusive rental, which covers delivery, installation, training, and maintenance throughout the contract period. This option requires no initial capital expenditure and offers immediate savings.

Apply for a Free Trial

Use the form to send us your information and details about what kind of machine(s) you are interested in.

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