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Enhancing Waste Hygiene to Minimize Health Risks

The significance of proper waste handling and disposal cannot be overstated, particularly for businesses where the stakes are notably higher. Implementing rigorous waste hygiene protocols is paramount to safeguard staff and mitigate health risks.

Prevent Pollution When Handling Waste

To protect your employees from the hazards associated with trash management, it is critical to dispose of waste in a safe manner.

The most important thing is to keep trash in an airtight container.

Using a pneumatic compactor to dispose of trash effectively seals and compacts the garbage, reducing the likelihood of airborne and droplet-transmitted diseases.

Reduce the potential harm to a larger group of people by making sure your staff never come into contact with trash in any way.

Waste Hygiene – Risks

  • Hygiene: Loose general waste around the production line can easily and quickly spread contaminants
  • Cross Contamination: Open doorways and open waste containers increase risk of airborne contaminants
  • Airborne Contaminants: Airborne contaminants from open waste containers can spread quickly around the facility
  • Cleanliness: Open bins and waste containers can easily overflow leading to loose waste and an untidy working environment.
  • Waste Handling: Loose waste fills up space and causes unnecessary obstacles

Waste Hygiene – Solutions

  • Hygiene: Sealing and compacting waste is the most effective protection for employees
  • Cross Contamination: Top-load all mixed/general waste into the compactor, close the lid and pull the leaver
  • Airborne Contaminants: A closed waste container compacts all waste, preventing it from leaking air borne contaminants and droplets
  • Cleanliness: Compacted waste is conducive to a more hygienic and clean working environment
  • Waste Handling: Compacted waste is reduced in volume by 10:1, a neat and tidy solution

Several Mil-tek solutions for hygienic waste handling:

Pneumatic balers for cardboard and plastic, that do not pose any risk of oil contamination due to the absence of hydraulic oils.

Waste compactors for general waste, made of stainless steel to fit into delicate environments.

Infinity waste sorting system – the easiest way to segregate waste types hygienically

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