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Exactly how does a commercial can crusher function?

People often ask us, “How does an industrial can crusher work?” therefore we compiled this tutorial to address that concern.

Recyclable can compactors

Businesses in the food & catering, manufacturing, automotive, and medical fields might greatly benefit from an industrial, heavy-duty can crusher. Cans of paint, meals, and oils are commonplace in these sectors’ day-to-day activities. Additionally, these containers should not take up too much room because they contain garbage that might be unpleasant, harmful, or even dangerous to the workplace. Utilizing an industrial can crusher can drastically cut down on trash volume—by as much as 90%—and associated disposal expenses. In addition, after compacting, the cans are much easier to recycle.

The operation of industrial can crushers

A pressing plate, made of strengthened metal, is pressed down by a piston in industrial can crushers to condense the cans. This compresses cans to a volume approximately 10% of their initial dimensions. The Mil-tek can crusher is compact, simple, and straightforward to set up and run. So, it’s not hard for the majority of workers to pick one up and run. Connecting it to a pressurized air source for pneumatic models or an outlet for electrical ones is the standard installation procedure, though this does vary by type.

You can simply set up a can crusher that stands on its own wherever you need to crush cans as part of your regular operations.

Step-by-step guide to use a can crusher:

  • Ensure the person using the machine is trained or that a trained person is present to supervise the action
  • Cans don’t necessarily need to be cleaned before crushing them, but it is advised you rinse the containers in cold water to maximize the can crusher’s lifespan
  • Place the empty can into the machine in an upright position
  • Close the door and press the handle down firmly to activate the pressing plate
  • Lift the handle and take out the compacted can
  • Store the cans appropriately until they are collected

More tips on can crushers

As you can see, can crushers are extremely easy to use. Although, this machine still begets questions like:

What type of cans can I put in my can crusher?
The Mil-tek can crusher is not exclusively an aluminium can crusher, a tin can crusher or a paint can crusher. All kinds of cans can be used with an industrial can crusher, usually up to around 25 litres in size.

Can I use a can crusher both outdoors and indoors?
Yes! But make sure to protect the equipment by placing it under a covered area so that extreme weather conditions do not influence its performance. Mil-tek also supplies a stainless steel version of the can crusher, for customers with specialist requirements.

Is a can crusher noisy?
Pneumatic can crushers are very quiet, and most of them just need to be connected to a compressor that acts as its engine.

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