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Glass Crusher for Glass Recycling

Get the lowdown on the most eco-friendly ways for companies large and small to dispose of and recycle glass.

Disposal of broken glass

Too many companies ignore glass recycling because they don’t have the space to store the massive amounts of glass that they are required to dispose of. But glass is one of the most essential recyclables since it can be recycled multiple times, unlike nearly all other materials.

Increasing sustainability has never been easier than with a glass crusher, which allows businesses to reduce and dispose of glass trash at the source.

A glass crusher machine reduces bottle volume by 80% and can be conveniently placed where it is needed most. The machine has an entrance that makes it easy to input bottles; once inside, the glass is crushed to “cullet” and gathered in a wheeled container – now fully prepared for recycling.

Restaurant, bar, and nightclub trash collection and disposal

There are specific garbage and recycling needs for businesses that generate a lot of glass trash, such as restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, and pubs. With a glass crusher, your employees may spend more time interacting with consumers and less time sorting glass many times per shift.

There are three different versions of the Mil-tek glass crusher; the tiniest one can be tucked under a regular bar counter and crushes glass in complete silence. Effortless recycling of pub glass!

Businesses dealing with even more glass waste can benefit from the GC600 Glass Crusher, a robust machine capable of crushing up to 4,000 bottles per hour.

For a greener world, recycle your glass

Businesses can significantly lessen their impact on the environment by changing their employees’ habits. Incorporating glass recycling into your company operations will help create a more sustainable future.

Glass is among the most easily recycled materials out there. Recycling glass uses far less energy than producing new glass, and it can be transformed into numerous useful items. Additionally, the number of times glass can be recycled is infinite. Recycling has never been easier than with glass crushers.

Looking to buy or rent a glass crusher?

Any company, no matter how big or little, can benefit greatly from one of Mil-tek’s three glass crusher models. Depending on your glass output, you’ll need to choose the best one. Additionally, we may be able to help you find a glass crusher to rent or lease. Please fill out the form below if you are interested in either of these options, and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

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