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What Is the Price of a New Baler?

Discover the various elements that go into calculating the price to purchase a brand-new waste baler from Mil-tek.

How Much Does It Cost to Purchase a Brand-New Baler?

If your company generates a lot of recyclable and non-recyclable waste but you are still using traditional bins to dispose of it, you probably know this is not a very efficient process. You end up with piles upon piles of waste that needs to be disposed of, otherwise, it takes up lots of precious space and be inconvenient for the business altogether. What then, can you do to make this process more efficient?

What is the average price of a baler?

The best method to dispose of waste is by using specially designed balers and compactors to compact and store waste. These machines are specially created to compact varied and specific types of waste and turn it into blocks that can be easily stored, disposed of and recycled. There are many types and sizes of balers and compactors, depending on the type of waste being produced.

You are probably wondering how much does a brand new baler costs? Well, the price depends on the type of baler you need, its size, the volume of waste that it can compact, and how you intend to finance it.

Small balers

Waste balers come in multiple sizes, ranging from small/micro to extra large/ mill- size. The most affordable ones are the small balers, of course, which can load under 120 kg of waste. These are perfect for retailers, small manufacturing companies, and businesses in the healthcare sector.

Small balers are available for cardboard, plastic, polystyrene, and cans. If you need a machine for glass or general waste, you will need to choose a compactor.

Medium balers

If you are looking for a larger option, you can go for a baler that can compact over 100kg of waste – great for retail, hospitality, restaurants, and catering businesses. These balers are going to be a bit more expensive, but they can compact between 100 – 180 kg of waste.

A range of medium-sized balers are available powered by compressed air, hydraulics or electric and are typically used for cardboard and soft or hard plastic. The type of power source has a bearing on the eventual price.

Large balers

Larger balers compactors create waste bales between 180 and 300 kg, but they take up quite a bit of space (over 1m²). These machines are suited for companies generating heavy quantities of waste every day.

Used correctly, these balers can reduce waste volume significantly and make waste management a breeze.

Mill-size balers

For companies needing to compact over 300kg of waste, there are mill-size options available. These are the most expensive balers, as they are large machines that can compact as much as 500kg of waste, creating recycle-ready ‘mill-size’ bales.

There are great for industrial businesses such as warehouses, distribution centres, manufacturers and recyclers, as they make it much easier to efficiently manage heavy waste loads.

Other considerations: power source & finance

Balers come in a range of power sources – typically electric, hydraulic and pneumatic. The cost can vary depending on which type of machine. On top of this, there is a difference in the energy required to run the machine, be it single or three phase electricity or from a source of compressed air.

Financing is also an important factor. Rather than outlay the purchase cost in one lump sum, many companies hire their recycling machinery, allowing them to offset the cost. A range of options are available here, including rental, leasing and hire purchase.

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