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Is a baler suitable for plastic?

In case you were wondering, “Can you put plastic in a baler?” the answer is yes. To learn, read our helpful guide.

Is a baler suitable for plastic?

Condensing recyclables into dense, easy-to-transport bales is a common recycling practice that makes good use of balers. Paper, cardboard, aluminum, and non-ferrous materials are among those that can be baled with effectiveness. Nevertheless, many wonder if plastic may be used in a baler.

Baling plastic is possible and recommended

There are many different kinds of plastic. Some examples are PET bottles, HDPE, Big-Bags, and LDPE. Although soft plastics are more commonly recycled, any type of plastic—even plastic drums—can be compressed into useful materials using a baler. However, when recycling plastics, be careful with the baler you choose; not all plastics work with the same types.

Liposome-Derivative Polyfill Balers

Many businesses in the service, industrial, and commercial areas utilize LDPE as a pallet protector. This material needs to be further processed and baled to prevent pollution, regardless of its usefulness. Here, LDPE balers are the way to go; what’s great about them is the variety they come in, including balers with high and low compression ratios.

Balers for HDPE and PVC

Condensing strong and stiff materials like high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) would be beyond the capabilities of an LDPE baler, for instance. Rather, what’s needed is a baler with a strong pressing force. The plastic from gadgets like TVs and laptops is better suited to these balers because of their sturdy and long-lasting design.

Balers for bottles and other plastics

As with many other industries, the food business has the dilemma of how to properly dispose of plastic containers and PET bottles. One reason for that is picking the incorrect baler. Carefully unscrew or puncture the material before compacting it, and then insert it in a large enough baler with a strong pressing force.

Why plastic baling?

Reducing trash volume by as much as 90% is possible with the correct kind of plastic and baler, in addition to lowering environmental impact. When you factor in the time, effort, and resources that you and your business will save by recycling plastic properly, it becomes almost miraculous.

In short, yes, it is absolutely possible to use a baler with plastic.

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