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Reducing the volume of plastic bottles by 90%

Plastic bottles can be compressed by as much as 90% with a Mil-tek baler. You can see the results of our test here, where we bale-compact thousands of PET bottles.

Compression of PET bottles

The food business isn’t alone in having a hard time with PET bottle disposal. To reduce space and facilitate further shipping for recycling, it is preferable to compress plastic bottles, as they take up a lot of room.

Eliminating the air within PET bottles is a major obstacle to achieving an adequate reduction in their volume. A significant compression force is necessary to pierce the bottles and guarantee a tight compression in order to accomplish this. This can be handled with a plastic press. Since you typically fill a number of bottles simultaneously, it is essential that this feature a sufficiently large filling opening to maximize efficiency.

The best hydraulic balers for compressing lots of PET bottles are made by Mil-tek.

Thousands of PET bottles compressed into 1 bale

At Mil-tek, we have done a little fun test that shows how much of a difference a baler can make to waste management – in this case if you have a lot of plastic bottles.

In the picture you can see how much the plastic bottles filled as a starting point.

We used a Mil-tek Mill Size H501 baler for the test.

Minimizes the use of plastic bottles

The photo displays the compressed image. The fact that a bale weighing 217 kg can be made from thousands of plastic bottles that once contained a lot is truly remarkable. Because the bale can be placed on a standard Euro pallet, it can be transported with ease.

It was necessary to remove all capsules from their bottles and eliminate any surplus contents before the test could be conducted. Because of this, the compressed bale, the final product, is much more desirable to the local renovators who are required to collect it.

What do you want to compact?

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