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Would it be possible to sell cardboard for a profit?

Learn more about how you can turn cardboard waste from your business into a revenue stream.

Dealing in bales of cardboard

It’s no secret that commercial enterprises generate substantial amounts of trash. Additionally, a lot of businesses spend a ton of money collecting cardboard trash every year, and some even get creative by burning it. But these ways aren’t cheap or good for the environment.

You can ensure that all cardboard waste is treated correctly and reduce the expense of waste management by selling your cardboard waste to a recycling service. You can actually profit from trash collection instead of spending money on it!

To make this a reality, you need to figure out who is interested in buying recycled cardboard, set a price, and figure out how to get the cardboard ready to be recycled.

If you recycle cardboard, how much money would you make?

There is value in cardboard waste, but many companies don’t know it and some even sell the cardboard in its raw form. Simply said, you can turn cardboard trash into cash if you run a company that generates a lot of it.

Most paper and cardboard recycling firms will pay you more if you compress your cardboard waste into bales. Since it saves you time and effort to recycle cardboard that is already in a bale, you end up with a better price. So, what’s the going rate for a cardboard bale? Getting an accurate quote from a local cardboard collection firm is your best bet because the value of a bale of cardboard can vary greatly.

You will need to purchase a cardboard baler or balers if you want to start saving money and making money by baling your cardboard.

Make money on cardboard using balers

Using cardboard balers to make money when you sell cardboard is a very cost-effective waste management strategy.

Apart from creating an additional stream of revenue for your business, there are other reasons – here are some of the other advantages that balers can provide:

  • Save money – balers can help reduce waste disposal costs by up to 80%
  • Save time – you’ll spend less time handling waste materials
  • Save space – cardboard balers take up less space, ensuring a cleaner and safer environment
  • Ensure easy handling of waste – baled cardboard is easier to store and handle
  • Protect the environment – you’ll increase the amount of waste your business recycles, thus you’ll protect the environment

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