Mil-tek Original Banding 9mm 250m


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The price shown is for 1 box of banding

1 box = 6 rolls, 250m per roll

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For strapping and making bales, nothing beats Mil-tek Original Banding, a high-strength polyester fibre banding that lasts a lifetime. Manufacturing takes place in-house at Mil-tek Denmark.

You can build bales of up to 225 kg with the slimmest strapping available, Mil-tek 9mm banding. It is compatible with all small to medium hydraulic and pneumatic balers. You can see the 11-strand polyester yarn method of making Mil-tek original baler banding by clicking on the video area.

After that, a synthetic, eco-friendly glue is used to join the constructed strands by stretching, pressing, and adhering them together. A breaking strength of 275kp (275 kilogrammes of kilogramme force) is achieved by the completed banding.

Every batch of baler banding is subjected to daily sampling and frequent stress testing to ensure the utmost level of quality control.

At Mil-tek, we guarantee both the quality and the pricing of our banding because we manufacture it all in-house.


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    102, 2102, 205, 205TS, 2205