2102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

2102 Cardboard & Plastic Baler

The new Mil-tek 2102 is perfect for companies who are short on space because of its tiny size, which is comparable to a filing cabinet, and its full compliance with EN16500 criteria.

  • Bale plastic, cardboard and other material
  • Ergonomic, easy, clean and safe
  • Low on noise, low on energy
  • New EN16500 safety features
  • Faster pressing cycle & bale-out indicator
  • Improved fail-safes and locking mechanisms
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The 2102 baler is a space-saving machine that can be used both inside and outside, making it ideal for recycling plastic and cardboard. The end result is less space allocated for garbage, fewer bin collections, and less frequent lifts, all of which contribute to lower waste disposal expenses.

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The Successor

The Mil-tek 2102 is out of production. The A102 is a complete redesign of the original machine. Faster, stronger, better.

Take a look:

Flexible solution

Renowned for its adaptability, the Mil-tek 2102 Baler can squeeze into tight spaces, effectively compacting garbage to keep workplaces clean and safe. An ergonomic, easy-to-operate, clean, and safe machine, the Mil-tek 2102 can be placed near the source of trash due to its operating and safety features.

The architecture of Mil-tek machines makes them easy to operate for nearly anyone. All you have to do is load up the machine with your material, shut the door, and turn the handle to start processing. The 2102’s pressing cycle is lightning rapid, taking only 10 to 20 seconds. The Mil-tek 2102 runs on compressed air, which can be provided by Mil-tek or drawn from an existing air line. Since there are no electrical or hydraulic parts in the baler, there is no way for oil to get inside and cause a fire.

Mil-tek 2102 Baler for Cardboard & Plastic

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