2509 Plastic Cardboard Baler

2509 Plastic Cardboard Baler

When storage space is at a premium, the Mil-tek 2509 baler is the way to go for handling massive amounts of plastic and cardboard. The 2509 may be compact, but it can nevertheless spin 400 kg of bales.

  • Handles large volumes quickly and efficiently
  • Automated bale-out mechanism
  • Extra-wide pressing chamber
  • New EN16500 safety features
  • Faster pressing cycle & bale-out indicator
  • Improved fail-safes and locking mechanisms
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The production of a very dense bale that is simple to work with and recycle is guaranteed by maintaining a constant pressure.Thanks to its deep chamber and wide door, the Mil-tek 2509 baler can baled a lot of cardboard without flat packing or breaking it down. To save time and money, you can just drop the plastic bags that are stored in the Mil-tek stands into the baler.

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The Successor

The 2509 baler is out of production. The successor is better in every way – check out the A509:


Handles large volumes

Large cardboard boxes and other goods can be easily loaded into the Mil-tek 2509 because to its wide door opening. In addition, the two powerful cylinders produce dense and hefty bales by constantly applying pressure. Businesses and other places that need to handle more trash without sacrificing floor space often utilise the Mil-tek 2509. Instead of flat packaging and frequent visits to outdoor bins/waste containers, the 2509 baler is perfect for loading entire cardboard boxes.

Easy transport

The cardboard bales are convenient for storage and transportation because they fit snugly onto a regular pallet. The 2509 from Mil-tek is a safe, easy-to-operate, clean, and ergonomic machine that may be placed near the source of trash. You can power the Mil-tek 2509 using compressed air from an existing air-line or a compressor that Mil-tek provides. As a result, the Mil-tek 2509 poses no threat of fire and may be used without worrying about oil contamination because it does not contain any electrical or hydraulic components. The baler can be easily, quickly, and safely emptied thanks to its automated bale-out feature.

Mil-tek 2509 Baler

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