GC100 Glass Crusher

GC100 Glass Crusher

Bars, pubs, and restaurants will love the GC100 Glass Crusher for its compact footprint. It can be concealed beneath a regular bar counter and reduces bottle volumes by 80% while crushing them silently.

  • Auto-start
  • Volume reduction of 80%
  • Crushes bottles up to 1 L
  • Crushes 100 bottles in 2 minutes
  • Ideal for front-of-house installation
  • Creates 100% recyclable crushed glass

The GC100 Glass Crusher is an excellent addition to busy bars that use a lot of glass bottles.

Because of its compact size and noise-free operation, it may be placed under a regular counter.


In today’s trendy eateries, the GC100 Glass Crusher is a must-have appliance. Its compact dimensions and quiet operation make it ideal for installation under most conventional bar counters, making it ideal for use in the hospitality industry.

The machine operates by feeding bottles into an opening, crushing the glass, and collecting it in a box. ‘Cullet’, the crushed glass, is 80% smaller in volume and ready to be recycled; it can hold up to ninety-five bottles.

With the GC100 Glass Crusher, not only can you save room and time, but you can also keep your employees focused on customers.

Technical specifications

Degree of compaction




18kg / 95 bottles


Machine Size


855 mm


600 mm


590 mm


106 kg


Noise level

68 dB(A)



ISO9001, CAUK & CE

GC100 Glass Crusher

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