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Which type of cardboard is best for use in a baler?

Check out this quick guide if you’re interested in recycling and want to know which types of cardboard work best in balers.

The cardboard baler is a very adaptable tool

Balers are an investment for businesses that produce a lot of cardboard trash since they improve trash management and contribute to environmental protection through recycling. Many commercial and industrial establishments rely on cardboard balers, including factories, supermarkets, shops, medical facilities, universities, and printers.

Countless varieties of cardboard exist.Because of their adaptability, cardboard balers can compress any kind of cardboard, regardless of its size, shape, or purpose. A baler can usually hold a wide variety of forms, including complete boxes, plates, sheets, tubes, fiberboard, and paperboard.

“Because of its adaptability, cardboard balers can compress ANY kind of cardboard.
However, there are measures you can do to make it more recyclable.”

Reusing and recycling cardboard is a great idea

Recycling cardboard is a great idea because it is a high-quality material. In the long term, this can even become a reliable source of income since many companies are willing to pay for cardboard waste.

You can use a baler with damp, laminated, or contaminated cardboard, but recyclers won’t be interested.

Follow these rules of thumb if you’re not sure:

  • Retain Regularity While it is acceptable to combine several types of cardboard in a bale, it will make recyclers considerably happier if the bale is predominantly one type of cardboard.
  • Prevent Pollution Recyclable cardboard must not have come into touch with any food product in order to be declared contaminated.
  • Combine not two substances Deterioration of the bale value might occur if the cardboard has any plastic parts, features, embellishments, or is laminated.

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