XP100/300 Compactor Clear Plastic Bags (80 microns - 100 bags)


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Item no. 999061

10 bags per roll, 10 rolls per box

For use with XP100 and XP300 mixed waste compactors.

Product details

With a compression ratio of up to 10:1, Mil-tek X-Press Compactors are ideal for compact, inside settings. These strong and long-lasting compactors can handle any type of general or mixed garbage, including food, fluids, and hazardous materials.

Ideal for use with Mil-tek X-Press Compactors, the thicker plastic used to make Mil-tek plastic bags makes them more robust.

The large bags can be securely fastened to the drum and sealed when they are full because they are larger than the drum itself.

You can use XP100/300 bags in a drum that can hold 50 kg of compressed trash.


  • For compactors

    XP100, XP300

  • Colour


  • Thickness

    80 microns (mym)

  • Bags per roll


  • Rolls per box