XP200 Compactor Clear Plastic Bags (80 microns - 100 bags)


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Item no. 999060

10 bags per roll, 10 rolls per box

Extra-thick bags for use with XP200S mixed waste compactor.

Product details

Designed specifically for use with Mil-tek X-Press Compactors, these extra-thick plastic bags are 80 microns thick, making them far more robust than standard compactor bags.

The Mil-tek X-Press Compactors are strong, long-lasting, and perfect for tiny, indoor settings. They can handle any type of garbage, including food scraps, liquids, and dangerous materials.Make sure anything you're compacting stays put because the compaction rates can reach 10:1.

For use with the XP200 and XP200S Compactors, the 80micron Compactor Bags are specifically created. Not only can they accommodate a drum that can hold 60 kg of compacted waste, but their generous size makes them easy to tie and strap.


  • For compactors

    XP200, XP200S

  • Colour


  • Thickness

    80 microns (mym)

  • Bags per roll


  • Rolls per box