Burger King boosts efficiency with a cardboard baler

In a fastfood restaurant, every step of all processes
is measured, even the waste handling

Optimised processes ensure fast and efficient customer service in a restaurant. However, you often don’t see the same optimisation around waste management.

For a Danish Burger King restaurant, a Mil-tek cardboard baler has made a huge difference – staff now experience a much cleaner and tidier work environment and more efficiency and time “in-front-house”.

Burger King in Denmark - Improved productivity in busy restaurant

Time-consuming and inefficient waste handling

Cardboard used to quickly pile up in the restaurant’s backroom, until a staff member took care of it. The cardboard needed to be cut, folded, and manually compacted by hand before it could be disposed of in the containers though, which of course took quite some time – time away from servicing customers.

The restaurant had three small containers in the backyard for the cardboard, but these also quickly filled up and a waste collector would pick up the cardboard 1-2 times pr week.

All in all, this was a time-consuming and inefficient way to handle waste at the Burger King restaurant.

A fast food restaurant’s core component is efficiency

A core component of Burger King’s operation – and all fastfood restaurants for that matter – is efficiency! Every stage of the operation is measured – including the drive-thru, back of the house, pick-up locations, and workstations for producing food.

Therefore, shortening the duration of every procedure, INCLUDING the waste management procedures, the restaurant’s overall efficiency could be raised.

A Mil-tek cardboard baler was part of the solution

When Mil-tek was brought in to optimise waste management in the restaurant, we soon discovered the need for a whole new waste management process.

After a thorough review, it was decided that the most efficient solution would be a Mil-tek A305 cardboard baler placed inside the restaurant’s storage room to handle the large amount of cardboard waste that was continuously generated.

The A305 has had a number of clear benefits in the restaurant

  • Waste no longer needs to be transported to outdoor containers, which has meant that the back door to the storage room now remains closed.
  • A closed back door keeps the temperature regulated and improves the cleanliness of the storage room.
  • Cardboard waste can be placed in the cardboard baler without staff having to flatten it or stack it by the door.
  • The storage area is now much tidier and cleaner, and waste is processed and disposed of immediately instead of in several steps.

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