Enhanced efficiency and eco-friendly practices at Jaguar Land Rover Ribblesdale with cutting-edge waste solutions

Doubling electric charging stations was a key benefit of the optimized waste management

The UK-based car dealership and repair center had Mil-tek in to optimise their waste handling.
As a result, recycling has increased dramatically, waste volume is decreased and the total amount of waste delivered to landfills has significantly decreased.

And as a bonus, removing the skip has allowed the company to more than double the number of charging points for electric vehicles – making room for more customers.


Waste situation before Mil-tek

For more than six decades, Jaguar Land Rover dealership has been providing customers with sales and service excellence. Recognizing the need for enhanced waste management, a proactive team member reached out to Mil-tek for expert advice.

Historically, the dealership relied on a sizable, uncovered dumpster located at the rear for disposing of all kinds of waste. This setup forced technicians to make time-consuming trips to the backyard to get rid of waste, a practice that was not only inefficient but also unsustainable. The dumpster’s exposure to weather, its substantial footprint and unsightly appearance were additional drawbacks.

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Identifying the problems

The dealership’s reliance on a single, large, and uncovered dumpster situated behind their facility for the disposal of all types of waste was notably problematic. This system required technicians to take frequent and time-consuming trips to the rear of the building to dispose of waste, disrupting their workflow and diminishing overall productivity. Moreover, the dumpster’s exposure to the elements made it a less than ideal solution for waste containment, contributing to environmental concerns, while its size and visibility detracted from the aesthetic appeal of the dealership’s premises.

The inefficiency of this process not only wasted valuable time but also highlighted a pressing need for a sustainable and effective waste management solution.

Boosting efficiency

The introduction of air-powered balers directly within the workshop area marked a pivotal shift in how waste was managed. By strategically placing these units close to where technicians worked, the dealership significantly minimized the time and effort previously spent on waste disposal. This innovative approach not only enhanced the productivity of the technical staff by reducing unnecessary movement but also contributed to a cleaner and more organized workspace.

The results of these changes were profound. A marked improvement in the efficiency of technicians was observed, with one technician showing a notable 7% increase in productivity, which directly translated to higher billable hours and revenue for the dealership. Overall, the team experienced an average productivity increase of 3% to 5%, underscoring the significant impact of Mil-tek’s waste management solutions on operational efficiency.


Managing waste more effectively

Beyond the immediate improvements in efficiency, the project had a lasting impact on the dealership’s environmental footprint. The new system encouraged a more conscientious approach to waste disposal, leading to a significant reduction in waste volume.

Technicians became more inclined to segregate recyclable materials, utilizing the balers and compactors effectively. This not only reduced the volume of waste being sent to landfills but also enhanced the dealership’s recycling efforts.

The project surpassed its initial goals, demonstrating the potential of thoughtful waste management strategies to contribute to both operational excellence and environmental sustainability.


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